WiFi and Networking

Advanced Networks and Futureproofing

Fixed and wireless data networks are widely prevalent in all areas of business including health and aged care. Reliability of your network is extremely important. We understand the critical nature of this infrastructure, and have expertise in the deployment of both wired and wireless IP networks. We can recommend a range of WiFi Network Solutions and Network Security Solutions to suit individual client requirements.

WiFi and Networking
Cabled IP Networks

We can design and install a fixed data network supplying all equipment including all hardware (racks, patch panels, outlets, etc) and all active equipment (firewall, managed switches, routers, etc). If your communications room is a mess, we can reorganise your cabinets, terminations, labelling and other componentry to ensure that your communications room is easy to navigate and understand.

Wireless IP Networks

Wireless IP (WiFi) networks are fast becoming commonplace within Health and Aged Care environments. Staff and Clients are now expecting fast, simple, secure access to a local wireless network for their Smartphone, Tablet, NetBook, or Laptop Computer.

We are experienced in providing a WiFi network (Fortinet, Lancom, Ubiquiti) as well as integration to a fully wireless Resident Call System incorporating WiFi enabled call points messaging to WiFi based messaging to wireless handsets and wireless pendants. Or you may wish to extend your telephone network with wireless voice.

Engaging Customtel to integrate your systems with WiFi will assist you to keep up with the demands of Wireless Devices, use the power of wireless data, voice and messaging across your site while maintaining control and security


Utilising WiFi as the enabling technology, the addition of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment increases the range of options available to you. Your staff can be provided with wireless devices (for which they are responsible) and use them for as business and personal tools. While the benefits can be substantial, careful consideration is required, taking into account factors such as WiFi performance, user policy, allowed content, bandwidth contention, and airtime fairness. We can assist you to plan and deploy a successful BYOD solution – using our specialised solution partners.

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