Wandering Resident

Protect Residents From Wandering Into Danger

Keeping high care or memory support residents or clients within a safe, secure environment is often an essential element in operating a quality facility. We can offer a range of solutions to suit your requirements and meet this critical need.

Ekahau Tag, Smartlink Wander-Alarm, Bracelet

Wandering Resident Technologies typically activate when vulnerable residents (wearing an ID tag) are in the vicinity of an exit or door that you have designated that they are not able to exit from the safety of the facility. This event generally triggers an alarm which can integrate and be sent to a nurse call or other critical messaging system for staff alert, and can also temporarily secure the door whilst they are in the vicinity. Alarms can also be raised when an individual enters an area that you have defined as “off limits”.

For room specific applications, we can design and install monitoring systems on doors for individual resident rooms that will alarm if the door is opened at times when it should not.

These solutions can be implemented as a simple stand-alone technology or delivered as part of a broader Real Time Location Services (RTLS) tracking solution – depending upon the site’s overall requirements.

Customtel can consult with you to provide the solution that best suits your requirements and budget.

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