Intelligent Rooms

In-Room Monitoring for High Care Needs

Intelligent Room solutions add discreet devices to a room to measure a range of activity or events and send alerts to carers when any pre-set rules are breached, and/or automate a building management response (light, temperature, door access etc). Generally, these solutions are tailorable to each patient, resident, client. We’ve been providing intelligent room solutions for over 15 years. We can tailor a solution for you using Alexys AptusPro or Hills Health Questek and Merlon systems…

Intelligent Room Layout

Intelligent Rooms are the intelligent solution to the challenge of elevating standards of monitoring and care in cases of high care needs, while respecting personal privacy, and allowing for better utilisation of care resources.

Intelligent Room solutions typically involves integration of sensing devices to a monitoring and alerting system and, depending upon user scenario requirements, additional linking to building management systems (such as Environment, Lighting, Security etc) or individual control devices.

The recent growth of IoT (Internet of Things) has meant that there is now a vast array of new options when it comes to setting up a modern Intelligent Room.

Intelligent rooms for aged or disabled persons can significantly enhance standard of care and quality of life.

Here are some examples of common ways that home automation and smart homes for disabled persons are being used to enhance lifestyles.

  • Dementia / Memory Support: Remotely monitor behaviour patterns, report on exceptional behaviour for follow-up.
  • Limited mobility: lights, blinds, heating, and more can be automated and operated with the touch of a few buttons via an individual’s smartphone or tablet computer.
  • Sensory disabilities: For people with limited hearing, vision or spatial awareness, voice operated devices or devices with pre-programmed commands can take the difficulty out of everyday tasks.
  • Intellectual disabilities: One touch shower systems, automatic bedding and cooking systems for greater independence and freedom.

Our approach to developing an Intelligent Room Solution is to consult with our client to develop specific user scenarios and then design a solution – using World Class products.

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