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Staff Safety - Critical in any Workplace

Keeping staff and workplaces safe is essential. There are many Duress Alert systems available today which can be delivered from fixed points, or integrating and multi-purposing existing handsets used for standard voice and messaging, right up to dedicated, specialised devices offering real time location functionality – critical for mobile employees.

Duress Technologies

Duress critical messaging can be integrated with other critical messaging systems such as nurse call or be delivered on a stand alone platform.
Whether it’s monitored externally or in house, we can design and implement a Duress System to meet your requirements.

We design our Duress systems to do two things:

  • Allow a worker to raise an alert of a dangerous situation or personal threat.
  • Be simple to use and highly reliable.

Duress alarm systems can range from a simple button on the wall or under a desk, through to portable devices carried by staff which can send a message accurately identifying the person and their location. The system can be set-up to send a Duress message to an emergency control point via a number of paths:

  • Standalone system with in house messaging.
  • Via the nurse call system to DECT phones or pagers.
  • To a security monitoring bureau.
  • Or a combination of all the above.

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