Nurse Call

Full IP, Hybrid IP and Traditional - Wired or WiFi have the same capabilities and features.

Not all Nurse Call Systems are the same. Each have their own strengths and unique features. We are in a position to offer a range of Nurse Call Technologies and recommend the system that best fits each clients’ individual requirements.

Various Nurse Call Products including Alexys, Merlon and Questek

We’ve installed and commissioned Large Scale systems (over 10,000 call devices), with complex integrations to other systems, through to Small Scale systems covering 5 to 10 beds – with equal care and attention.

Before recommending a system, we consult with our client to determine their unique environmental and use case requirements.

When recommending a system, we clearly identify why that recommendation has been made. If the recommended solution is an integration of technologies, we clearly identify why each component has been recommended.

We can choose from a range of Nurse Call systems not limited to Alexys AptusPro, AptusAir, Hills Health Questek and Merlon IP. The systems we recommend have the following features:

  • Native integration to a range of messaging technologies (avoiding the need for additional and expensive middleware)
  • Intelligent room features that can monitor residents, and alert your staff based on individual, pre-set, resident behavioural profiles
  • Programmable flexible work-group assignments
  • Comprehensive reporting, including graphical and aggregation reporting
  • Call points with connection points for wide range of care accessories such as radio pendants for in room use, out of bed sensor mats, low dexterity pendants and receivers for door monitoring and chair exit alarms
  • Call messaging to annunciator display panels or monitors, DECT handsets, WiFi handsets, Android handsets, pagers, etc.
  • Alarm monitoring integration from building management, security, access control and duress systems
  • Alarm monitoring integration capability to Wandering Resident systems
  • Alarm monitoring integration capability to Real Time Location Systems

Where the systems require cabling, the systems that we offer can operate on converged or stand-alone data grade networks, or standard cabling configurations to field located data aggregators using Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 7 data cable or manufacturers standard cabling. The choice is yours.

Where no cabling is preferred (for example in Heritage Buildings or difficult retrofit sites), for fixed point locations, we offer industry leading WiFi IP call devices, and for mobility we can recommend from a selection of WiFi / RF / Ultrasonic / Microwave devices that best suit your individual requirements.

Notwithstanding the lapse of the Nurse Call Hardwired standard (AS3811), we recommend systems that continue to comply with those standards and practices until a replacement standard is published.

Also, changing nurse call system platforms CAN be a costly and difficult experience. We have a range of tools / interfaces to most legacy systems, in order that customers can cost effectively move away from their old legacy nurse call systems without fully replacing existing infrastructure. This means that customers can start enjoying the benefits of our latest technology Nurse Call systems and Customtel’s support immediately, whilst gradually changing legacy call points and ancillary devices as needed and available funds allow.

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