Critical Messaging

Time Sensitive Critical Message Workflows & Devices

Timely, accurate, targeted critical messaging is essential to operate an efficient acute, aged or disability care facility with quality outcomes.
Customtel can provide technology that best suits each clients needs, from basic broadcast critical messaging through to location and availability aware targeted workflow critical messaging and response.
We can deliver critical messaging solutions to a wide range of end devices using native CMS within nursecall applications or via dedicated middleware if solution requires functionality not typically delivered within standard nursecall.
We have access to an extensive range of end device solutions, from standard message annunciation right through to iOS and Android smart device messaging…

Critical Messaging Infographic

Customtel can provide critical messaging technology that best suits your needs, from basic broadcast critical messaging through to location and availability aware targeted workflow critical messaging and response via end devices including:

  • Fixed Annunciators / Monitors
  • Pagers
  • DECT handsets (Spectralink, Vocera)
  • WiFi enabled handsets (Spectralink, Vocera)
  • Android, Windows and iOS handsets and tablets
  • Email, SMS and other formats

Annunciators / Monitors
Annunciators / Monitors are available in LED or LCD formats, and can be configured to reflect call types and priorities, staff rosters, and can operate at different tone levels depending on call type and time of day. Typically located at staff stations or in high traffic areas, even in the most technically advanced environments – these are still an effective solution to quick message broadcast for tasks and locations.

Questek, Alexys and VGA Annunciators

Pagers are a cost effective method of delivering broadcast or targeted one-way messaging to carers and staff. A simple paging device can be worn or carried so that your staff can always be contacted. Messaging to pagers requires minimal infrastructure (an Australian Communications Authority licence may be required)

Apollo Pagers

DECT Systems
DECT technology has been widely adopted in the acute, aged and disability sector, as a voice and critical messaging technology to offer reliable and robust two way communications and is designed to withstand the heavy rigors of use in these environments. Having a DECT system is like having a private, secure mobile phone network for your site.
Your staff can discretely receive messages, stay in touch with work colleagues, make and receive external calls (subject to phone system configuration). Duress functions can also be provided on these handsets.
DECT handsets can be also configured to answer after hours calls including calls from door intercom stations (with the option of door release) if required.
Being able to combine messaging with the same device your staff use for voice calls makes the DECT handset a very powerful yet cost effective tool.

DECT Products - Butterfly, 7202, Spectralink and a KWS2500

The benefits of DECT technology are:

  • Consistently high level of voice quality – this means clear communications while your staff are on the job
  • Multi-cellular structure with seamless handover – calls will not drop out while moving about the facility
  • Dedicated radio frequencies – No interference in your work environment or other WiFi technologies.
  • Standardization – the equipment and handsets are well supported
  • Security – Communications are private and your confidentiality in assured.
  • DECT systems have now been developed further to incorporate IP technology ensuring that DECT will remain a relevant, well supported technology.

WiFi Inhouse Smart Handsets
WiFi networks are fast becoming commonplace within Acute and Care environments. By messaging via inhouse smart WiFi handsets, you can leverage your existing WiFi infrastructure, saving the expense of network duplication.
There is a growing range of WiFi handsets available, from standard “broad use” handsets to specialised devices through to standard smartphone devices, each having their own features and benefits. We can analyse your requirements and make a recommendation that best suits your needs.

Spectralinka 8400 Series WiFi Handset

BYOD Tablets / Smartphones
Establishing a solid, secure BYOD environment enables the use of Android or IOS tablets or smartphones as messaging and call devices when and only when they are attached to the host environment.
The environment requires a robust BYOD secure environment, and we can recommend and supply the right one for your circumstances.

BYOD - Samsung Galaxy S8

Email, SMS and other formats

We can also integrate your systems to provide critical messaging via email or SMS depending upon your requirements

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