Demonstration Suite

Fully Function Display

Our comprehensive demonstration suite is conveniently located at our office location in Clarence Gardens.

It is available for you to witness working demonstrations of our various technology solutions, and for us to be able to train your staff in the effective use of equipment (as an alternative to on site training at your premises). We also use the equipment we have installed as a “test bed” for new integrations and solutions not trialled previously.

What Technologies are displayed?
  • Alexys AptusPro and AptusAir Nursecall System
  • Hills Health Nursecall Systems (standard and memory support versions)
  • Wandering Resident Solutions
  • Critical Messaging and Voice Solutions
  • RTLS Systems
  • Telephony
  • Customtel Accessories
Training Opportunity for your staff!

Arrange a group visit to our Demonstration Suite for your staff. We can demonstrate / train proper use and operation of all the equipment we provide – in a distraction free environment – from use of software such as reporting or memory support setup and operation, through use and care of messaging devices and to operation and maintenance of all equipment and accessories.    

Our Testing & Development Environment

Our demonstration suite is also the place where we undertake testing and proving of new solutions / integrations. For this reason, we prefer visit by appointment if possible, to ensure that our systems are set up and available for inspection when you visit. Notwithstanding that, your always welcome to come and share a tea or coffee with our application and technical teams to view the latest developments in our world.

Book a Consultation / Demonstration

with our application specialists

We are happy to provide more information, expert advice, consult on your specific requirements, or to demonstrate the capabilities of many of our solutions in our comprehensive Demonstration Suite. Contact us today to arrange your personal consultation.