Security & Safety Monitoring with 24/7 Alerts for ProActive Response

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Customtel have created a Security and Safety Bundle that will allow your facility to have Peace of Mind in regards to Security and Safety.

Nurse/Resident Call systems are critical for patient comfort and safety and 100% uptime is an important target.

Our Security and Safety Bundle is a proactive monitoring and alert service provided through remote access technology that will give you additional peace of mind over applications and hardware supplied and serviced by us.

Depending upon your site’s security policies, we can provide our ActiveAlerts service either through secure remote access internet connection to your network or via a 4GX device attached directly to your Nurse Call server. We use TeamViewer as our default remote access tool, but again are happy to work with any policies that a site may have.

Enabling remote access means that many technical issues or system setup changes can be resolved via remote access, reducing onsite call-out fees and delays in fault rectification.

  • Enables quick response and resolution to service requests.
  • Reduce costs of Regular and Emergency Callouts with our Remote Support rates.
  • Remote access is provided securely via TeamViewer by default, other methods can be agreed upon.
  • Manual Backup procedure consists of a Customtel technician taking a backup of the “Core” programming database only when changes have been made, such as a service call or site visit. A manual backup is not taken of these logs due to the size and practicality of storing the data.
  • Automatic Backup includes the “Core” programming database as well as the “Log” history database used for Nurse Call reports.
  • Automatic Backup allows an incremental backup of the “Log” history database which reduces the data transfer time and data usage on internet connections with limited data usage allowances.
  • Customtel will be alerted if a backup is missed or fails to run.
  • Periodic systems health checks are automatically performed by technicians when we perform remote service jobs.
  • These checks cover disk space, Windows Event Logs, Nurse Call maintenance, Critical Windows Security Updates plus more.
  • These Health Checks are performed free for all facilities that have provided remote access to Customtel.
  • While they assist with ensuring reliable operation, these checks are not performed to a regular schedule.
  • ActiveAlerts is an advanced monitoring and alert system that keeps your system protected proactively and to the minute.
  • Alerts are sent for many conditions once predetermined thresholds are met. This can potentially identify faults before staff or residents notice and allow for corrective action to commence on a pre-agreed arrangement.
  • Conditional alerts consist of software services not running, uncontactable machines, AC power loss, system health as well as 50+ conditions that are kept in check.
  • During business hours, our service department receive these alerts and reviews them immediately to assess the severity. You will be informed and given a direction on our suggested course of action. Our standard remote service fees apply for events that require further action beyond that phone call.
  • After Hours, out On-Call technician will receive alerts via their smart phone. These alerts have different levels of severity and will be used as an informative tool if the site staff do require our assistance and site protocols for system restoration fail to resolve the issue.
  • Upon taking up the ActiveAlerts service, we will discuss with you the appropriate default response for after-hours events.
  • As part of our ActiveAlerts service, we will regularly schedule planned Microsoft Updates to ensure your system stays up to date. These updates are pretested in our workshop to ensure compatibility and stability with Critical Nurse Call services.
ActiveAlerts Pricing Table

While remote access and ActiveAlerts are for peace of mind, Customtel are always happy to attend site and will still continue to offer a high class 24/7 Support Service.

For enquiries on subscribing to this service, please contact our Application Specialists.