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New Building Installation Case Study

Client Challenge

“TBA” decided to build a new start of the art 80 Bed Aged Care Home at “Location TBA”. They engaged Brown Falconer as architects and electrical engineers, and Kennett Builders to construct the new building in a single-phase construction program.

Part of the client brief was to deliver an up to date, modern Nursecall system consistent with the technology at its other sites, integrated with two-way critical messaging and voice system to each carer, wandering resident functionality and external visitor intercom access control.

During the competitive bidding phase, Customtel were pleased to work with the Electrical Consultants and Architects (and also the client) to design a comprehensive solution that would be delivered by a single supplier / integrator / installer. We recommended the Questek Nursecall system, utilising native CMS to generate critical event messaging to reliable carer handsets via a Spectralink DECT system, a tested and reliable Wandering Resident Application with high reliability, and an Aiphone video intercom.

Why They Chose Customtel

Customtel were chosen for this project on a combination of competitive price, it’s previous history of successful implementations of the standardised solution across many of its sites, and its history of comprehensive advice and service spanning a number of years.

How Customtel Approached the Task

Customtel used the standard project management techniques it applies to design, install, commission, integrate projects of this nature – managing installation standard, consistency, and resource and progress to schedule, as well as appropriately managing variation requirements and risks as these emerged through the construction process.

What did Customtel Focus On

To ensure a successful outcome for this project – which was on a tight construction schedule of under one year, and its relatively distant location Customtel selected an installation team comprising employees residing on the southern side of metropolitan Adelaide, whilst ensuring that our onsite project leader was fully briefed and abreast of project installation standards and fitoff requirements, and that up to date daily site task / resource requirements where clearly communicated with the Builder to ensure that we always had the required resources at this distant site at the right time – meaning zero impact on build schedule.

Outcome of Customtel Involvement

The customer is delighted with the installed solution – which meets the brief needs for the facility today and into the future.
Customtel continues to supply product and technical support to ensure the ongoing operation of the integrated system it supplied to this site – meaning that, if any part of the system fails, there is only one call necessary  – to Customtel, and we take care of the rest.

Customtel is the primary supplier of Nursecall and associated technologies to “TBA”.