New Royal Adelaide Hospital

800+ Bed Hills Health Solutions installation

Client Challenge

Hills Health Solutions had the challenge of designing, installing, and commissioning a Hills Health IP7100 Nursecall system at the new state of the art Royal Adelaide Hospital. The build schedule and construction requirements were extensive – with over 10,000 points across 1,800 room locations with over 80 different room configurations – each having specialised fitout circumstances. The Nursecall system formed part of a large and highly integrated Building and Operations Management System operating over a fully converged and structured LAN.

Why They Chose Customtel

When the project commenced in 2014, Hills recognised that the installation was extensive, and would require the best and most capable and qualified installation team available in South Australia for projects of this nature to work with them.

After evaluating their options, and detailing and agreeing the project scope with us, Hills Health chose Customtel as its installation contractor on this landmark project.

How Customtel Approached the Task

Customtel used its extensive project management techniques and discipline to prepare for the installation, control and report its progress, to deal with any emerging issues and risk mitigation common in a typical construction environment of this size and nature.

What did Customtel Focus On

Customtel focussed on the creation of standard fitout guidelines for each of the more than 80 room configurations – to ensure both fitout consistency and adherence to construction standards. Additionally, we ensured that each of our on-site installation technicians had the right skillset to deliver a high standard installation. Focussing on recording each stage of progress (actual and planned) at each of 1800 installation locations (rooms or defined locations) across over 50 construction zones ensured that equipment and resources were always available to meet the project’s progressive installation and fitout requirements. Customtel and Hills worked as a seamless collaborative partnership throughout the project to ensure its success.

Outcome of Customtel Involvement

Initially contracted for system installation, Customtel successfully completed the installation program on time and in accordance with the construction program on site. Installation standards were met and of a consistently high standard across the site. Because of our adherence to agreed standards and rigorous project management, our works were completed without any claim for incomplete or substandard works.

Due to the highly successful installation, we were subsequently contracted to resource and complete the “standalone” system commissioning as well as resource the “system integration” testing. In this phase, we commissioned and recorded the successful testing and commissioning of all call points, annunciators and other associated messaging equipment along with assisting with checking that the Hills Health IP7100 system programming behaved as it should.

Customtel’s installation and commissioning services contributed significantly to a joint and successful Hills Health IP7100 system implementation at the New Royal Adelaide Hospital.