Turnkey Lifecycle Solutions

Fixed Rental and Full Maintenance - For Life

Your solution – designed to meet your specific requirements, can be offered either through outright purchase or through a lifecycle finance option (subject to meeting credit requirements of our specialised financier).

Our Turnkey solution sets a fixed monthly rental for the solution for a period – typically 5 years. At the end of the agreement, you can retain possession of the solution or take the opportunity to upgrade to latest technology. Our Lifecycle Solution is flexible enough to cater for system upgrades and expansions as time and client requirements progress.

Our Turnkey PLUS solution offers a full maintained solution option at an additional fixed monthly price

Our Lifecycle Turnkey Solutions complements our product offering – fully supported and maintained solutions that meet the client’s individual requirements at a fixed monthly charge.

Full Lifecycle Turnkey Solutions

Our Life Cycle finance provider is experienced in providing funding arrangements nationally for, small businesses seeking as little as $2,000 worth of funding through to ASX listed entities seeking funding into the millions. It is a commercial equipment finance company, specialising in financing for the ICT, Telecoms & Business Technology Industries. They have created customised commercial finance programs such as managed services (cost per user/unit product), as well as the ability to finance 100% hardware, 100% software and 100% professional services, in combination or in their own right. These factors have made them the preferred partner for many businesses across Australia.

The equipment finance rates are extremely competitive in the Australian finance market and can offer a better solution than the banks and competitors with a quick, easy and simple finance process.

Quick and Flexible
  • One of the highest approval ratings in the industry (99.84%)
  • Fixed repayments monthly, quarterly, annually or structured to suit you with finance terms between one to seven years
  • Easy application with Matrix approvals in under 4 hours
  • Matrix Applications do not require financials if they are under $50,000 ex GST
  • Flexible finance agreements (You can add additional equipment or services at any time)
Simple Terms
  • No Deposits Required
  • No Application Fees
  • No Account Keeping Fees
  • No End of Term Fees
  • Option for $1 Ownership at Term End
  • Early agreement termination is simply one additional month’s payment (industry standard is three to six months or 10%)
Possible Tax Effect
  • Potential Operating Expenditure tax benefits as this agreement is an operating lease (*This is not tax advice – please consult your accountant)

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