Infin8care Hahndorf

Headend Upgrade Case Study

Client Challenge

After Infin8care’s purchase of an operating Aged Care Facility in picturesque Hahndorf they set about an improvement plan, part of which involved dealing with a problematic Digilert Nursecall system and improving the associated critical event messaging system, which was only through annunciation.

In seeking out a new solution, the client, rather than starting again, wished to leverage off equipment already in place – wherever possible to minimise the financial impact of the technology upgrade.
The Client briefed Customtel’s application team to design a solution that leveraged off existing equipment where possible and which delivered a reliable nursecall system with modern, well supported technology, and a two way voice and messaging system. Customtel recommended a Questek head end (reusing existing Digilert call points on site) and a critical messaging solution (utilising native CMS capability in the Questek system) delivered via a Spectralink fully IP DECT system integrated to the facility’s existing telephony technology.

The client also required a tight installation schedule.

Why They Chose Customtel

Customtel was chosen for this project due to our deep experience in successful delivery of projects of this nature (integration new technologies with legacy components), a fair price for the complete installation, and our ability to deliver the project in a tight timeframe.

How Customtel Approached the Task

Because the solution offered had been delivered to other clients on a number of occasions previously, Customtel were able to dispense with a solution proofing phase.

Customtel used its standard project management techniques that it applies to design, install, commission, integrate projects of this nature – managing installation standard, consistency, and resource and progress to schedule, as well as appropriately managing variation requirements and risks as these emerged through the installation and commissioning process.

What did Customtel Focus On

To ensure a successful outcome for this project – which involved tight timeframes over a Christmas/New Year period, Customtel focused on ensuring that an experienced installation team with previous experience in projects of this type was allocated to the role to cover all elements of the installation, integration, and commissioning.

Because Customtel was carrying out works in an existing, operating facility, we worked closely with the site’s management to minimise impact on a day to day basis by firstly installing all the head end equipment, testing and commissioning, and then working to a defined progressive room changeover program – meaning that impact on residents was minimised at all times.

Outcome of Customtel Involvement

The customer is happy with the installed solution – which meets the needs for the facility today and into the future.

Customtel continues to supply product and technical support to ensure the ongoing operation of the integrated system it supplies – meaning that, if any part of the system fails, there is only one call to make – to Customtel, and we take care of the rest.

Customtel have since carried out similar projects at Infin8care’s other sites.